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RUDI - mascot of the Municipality of Jesenice

RUDI - mascot of the Municipality of Jesenice

A while ago the Municipality of Jesenice launched a public competition for the mascot that would embody the features of the Municipality of Jesenice and which is aimed at promotional activities with the purpose of increasing the visibility of the Municipality of Jesenice, particularly in the context of tourism, sports and culture.

The mascot includes three basic elements of Jesenice and its surrounding area: the ironworks heritage, daffodils – keyholes, and hockey. The message of the mascot is reflected through soft shading of bright colours that refer to ore melting in the blast surface with metal dripping out; on its head is a daffodil, the symbol of Jesenice and the Golica hill, and in its hands a hockey stick shaped as letter J, the initial of the city. The mascot’s attire and the shoe on one foot bear a strong similarity to hockey equipment, while the shoe on the other foot represents a hiking boot.

An anthem is also written for the mascot, which reads:


(avtor: Ljubo Jančič)

Rudi je silak,
naj spozna ga vsak,
žareče on ima srce,
silno rad v hribe gre!

Rudi je junak,
pazi, zdaj podaja pak,
od klučavnic ključ ima,
s tabo vedno se igra.

Rudi je vesel,
vroč poljub ti da,
rad bi te objel,

Rent a mascot

In the Municipality of Jesenice we want our fellow citizens to recognize RUDI as the municipal mascot in the sense of increased promotion of the municipality and the events that take place here, so we are inviting all organisers of events, shows, conventions and other manifestations to include RUDI in their activities at home or abroad, thus contributing to the visibility of the municipality. You can rent the costume of the mascot free of charge at the office of the Municipality of Jesenice or at the association Zavod za šport.

For additional information please contact:

  • Municipality of Jesenice, Aleksandra Orel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 04 586 92 66)
  • Zavod za šport Jesenice (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 04 5884 662)

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