Skok na osrednjo vsebino


Mount your bike, if health is you what like.

Offering bike paths of various difficulty levels, suitable for families, recreational cyclists or more demanding cyclists, Jesenice is a real cycling paradise. Visitors can cycle along grey asphalt roads in the city, elevate to gravel roads on the Karavanke mountain slopes or test their skills on a real mountain biking trail. We invite you to hop on your bike and do something good for your body and a cleaner environment! is an automated bike system in the municipalities of Jesenice, Naklo, Radovljica and Tržič and the City Municipality of Kranj.
The Carniola Cycling Network is the most fantastic and carefully designed cycling network in the entire region. The network includes a variety of cycle-friendly roads and offers a unique opportunity for cycling trips with a touch of tourism. You can easily cycle between towns, do some sightseeing and meet the locals. Everyone can find a suitable cycling route and experience the Carniola Region in a unique way.
The Pristava Mountain Biking Learning Centre was established as part of the Alpe Adria Karavanke/Karawanken Project. It is located near the Trans-Karavanke biking trail. An outside area with a bike track and mountain biking equipment is available at the centre. The building has 3 rooms with 8 beds in total, a common room, toilets, a shared bathroom and a bike storage area. The programme participants can stay at the Mountain Biking Learning Centre upon prior reservation.
Plan2bike is a website dedicated to cyclists that want to explore the places trough which they will be traveling. The website is a travel planner with which you can plan a custom route. The advantage of this planner is that it offers insight into the distance the route travels and its height graph. Webpage:
Combines the allure of professional stage racing with tourist cycling along Slovenia’s byways. It lasts 4 days (prologue and 3 stages), and the route is approximately 360 km in length. A special feature of Rekreatur tm is that the winning team (orange shirt) is ultimately the one closest to the average ride time of all the teams. This serves to make the cyclists very happy to take rests. In this way they can spontaneously encounter the attractions along the actual route. Rekreatur 2014 will start with prologue in Kranjska Gora on 21st september 2014. The routes of three stages runs through Italy, Austria and Slovenia. More info:
Mobile rent a bike: 1 day: adults: 19€, kids: 10€ 2 days: adults: 37€, kids: 19€ 3 days: adults: 54€, kids: 27€ ... Guided bike trips: The beuty of surrounding villages: skill 1, duration 2h, price for person: 29€ Triglav national park: skill 3, duration 4h, price for person: 39€ Single track: skill 4-5, duration 4h, price for person: 59€ Slovenian Alps: skill 3, duration 2 days, price for person: 148€ Price includes an experienced guide, rent a bike and bike helmet. All bikes are good quality (shimano deore), well maintained and adjusted according to user's need.
Route Planina pod Golico–Savske jame–Križovec–»Jeseniški rovti«–Prihodi–Planina pod Golico
Route Jesenice–Slovenski Javornik–Trebež–Javorniški Rovt–Pristava–Križovec–Planina pod Golico–Jesenice
Route Blejska Dobrava–Slovenski Javornik–Potoki–Moste HPP dam–Dobravsko polje–Blejska Dobrava–(possible sightseeing of Vintgar Gorge)–Blejska Dobrava
Route Blejska Dobrava–Slovenski Javornik–Koroška Bela–Sts. Ingenuin and Albuin Church–Koroška Bela–Trebež–Cesta Toneta Tomšiča–Ukova–Razgledna pot–Murova–Plavž–Hrušica–Karavanke border control area–Spodnji Plavž–Stara Sava–Podmežakla–Podkočna–Lipce–Blejska Dobrava
Stage Valvasorjev dom–Potoška planina–Olipova planina–Javorniški Rovt–Dom Pristava–Križovec–Planina pod Golico–Plavški Rovt–Dovje–Mojstrana


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